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Denvirs Hotel Downpatrick

About Us

About Us And Our Historic Downpatrick Hotel


Established in 1642 by John and Ann MacGreevy, Denvir’s of Downpatrick is steeped in centuries of history and remains dear to the hearts of the local community.

When you visit our premises, you’ll be immersed in the historic surroundings, with many of the original features retained. Original 17th-century fireplaces, original oak beams, sash windows, and stone floors. Denvir’s Hotel is a door to the historical past that you only need to push open to experience for yourself.

About The Name Denvir: Former Proprietors Of This Downpatrick Hotel

The association of the name Denvir with the hotel dates back to the 18th century when John Denvir is listed on the voter’s list of 1797. The Denvir’s were a local family of Norman extraction, (probably d’Anver originally) and the name was largely peculiar to the area of Lecale.

It is likely that the d’Anvers fled to Ireland to escape religious persecution in France. Robert Denvir became the proprietor of the hotel in 1826, with his tenure described as “which he conducted with much success and advantage to the public”.

When Robert died in 1875 at the ripe old age of 100, his son Bob Denvir succeeded him as host of the hotel and in 1890, the hotel was sold to Arthur McEvoy, ending the association of the hotel with the Denvir family.

However, in 1937 when the property, then known as Magee’s Hotel was purchased by a Mrs Hayes, the memory of Denvir’s seems to have stuck in common parlance in the town, as Mr Hayes “painted out Magee’s name … restored the name of Denvir’s, and Denvir’s it has been ever since”.

Information for visiting Denvir’s

Opening Hours

Monday: 8am to 11pm
Tuesday: 8am to 11pm
Wednesday: 8am to 11pm
Thursday: 8am to 11pm
Friday: 8am to 1am
Saturday: 8am to 1am
Sunday: 8am to 12am

Restaurant Hours

Monday: 12pm to 8.00pm
Tuesday: 12pm to 8.00pm
Wednesday 12pm to 8.00pm
Thursday: 12pm to 8.00pm
Friday: 12pm to 9.00pm
Saturday: 12pm to 9.00pm
Sunday: 12pm to 8.00pm

Denver, Colorado

Interestingly, the Denvir family have spread their roots across the waters. In 1804, after one of our many rebellions, Patrick Denvir fled from Ireland after his side lost and settled in Virginia.

His Grandson, James W Denver, was to embark on a fascinating career which would see him study law, join the army, and progress to the position of Governor of Kansas before giving his name to the new town of Denver, Colorado!

However, although he visited Denver twice, on either occasion no special attention was paid to him which was said to have “rather hurt his feelings”.

A Debtors’ Sanctuary

Another interesting and peculiar privilege associated with the Downpatrick hotel is that inside the yard to the rear and in the recess on the frontage to English Street, a debtor could not be arrested for so long as they chose to remain.

This is thought to have resulted from the transfer of the right of sanctuary from the Cathedral when it was in ruins. There is no documentary evidence of a right of sanctuary, and the right has never been tested, as far as is known in living memory, so present-day defaulters would be unwise to rely on the protection of the tradition!

Visited by Daniel O’Connell

Daniel O’Connell (born 1775 – died 1847) was known as The Liberator and leader of the emancipation movement of the early 19th century which successfully saw the repeal of the English Penal Laws.

O’Connell visited Downpatrick in 1827 and was hosted in the upstairs function room in Denvir’s which was specifically created for the occasion by knocking two rooms together. After dinner, from the window of the function room, he made an impassioned speech to the crowds below who had gathered to see the great orator.

For almost four hundred years, Denvir’s Coaching Inn has witnessed many historical moments and has been a site of cultural influence. It remains so to this very day and will continue to into the years ahead.

The History Of Our Historical Downpatrick Coaching Inn To Hotel

John MacGreevy built a stone house on the current site of Denvir’s Hotel. He was given the land in lieu of payment due to his service as a soldier for Charles I, beginning the 400-year-old journey of what is now Denvir’s Hotel.
The site was noted by Pilson, as the Principal Inn, but it is now referred to as Denvir’s Coaching Inn.
The Coaching Inn underwent another name change, The Price’s Arms, which was in honour of the Price family of Hollymount and Cromwell Price who was then M.P. for Downpatrick.
18th Century
At some point in the 18th Century, the specific year is unknown, the Coaching Inn suffered a blaze. It required huge repairs to renovate the site and keep it in business. The charred timbers still remain in the roof space to this day.
18th Century
As the oldest surviving Coaching Inn in Ireland, Denvir’s was the starting point in 1809 for the first passenger coach service between Downpatrick and Belfast. Fares for this coach service began at seven shillings, which is just a meagre 38 pence in today’s currency.
Robert Denvir bought the Inn and when he passed, his son Bob succeeded him as the host of the Coaching Inn
The premises is named Denvir’s Hotel, in homage to Robert Denvir, who lived until the ripe old age of 100. Today, the name is still honoured but is now referred to as Denvir’s Coaching Inn.
Arthur McEvoy bought the Inn following the passing of the previous proprietor Bob Denvir. After that, the keys exchanged many hands, until it was bought by the current owners in 2013.

Visiting Denvir’s Downpatrick Hotel

Denvir’s Hotel is situated in the heart of Downpatrick, offering a bustling space to appreciate the beauty of Northern Ireland and soak in the historical surroundings. It is also within close proximity to multiple tourist attractions, providing the ideal accommodation to embrace Northern Irish culture and explore cultural sites.

When visiting, be sure to check out;

The Grave of Saint Patrick

Saint Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland, who is said to have been buried at the Hill of Down in Downpatrick in the 5th century.

Today, his gravesite remains a place of pilgrimage and worship. The grave is marked by a huge granite stone slab, which was put in place in the 1900s following public outcry due to pilgrims removing the soil when visiting the religious site.

Down Cathedral

Down Cathedral, also referred to as the Cathedral Church of the Holy Trinity overlooks the town of Downpatrick and is also located on the hill of down, beside St. Patrick’s renowned gravesite.

There is also an exhibition centre nearby, which remains the only permanent exhibition of St. Patrick in the world. Visitors can learn about the history of St. Patrick and gain an insight into how life was lived back then.

Down County Museum

Down County Museum is situated in the former old Gaol of Down. It boasts an incredible collection of artefacts from the bronze age, historical photographs and interesting works of art. It is most definitely worth a visit for a glimpse into the culture and heritage of County Down and to learn about the poor souls transported to the colonies for so little as stealing a loaf of bread

Denvir's Hotel Downpatrick

Denvir’s is the oldest surviving Coaching Inn in Ireland and is now a grade ‘A’ listed building. The building itself has been extensively and sympathetically renovated while retaining its original character.

When you stay at our Downpatrick hotel, you’ll be immersed in a world gone. Rest your head in one of our tastefully decorated rooms, fill up with one of our delicious, freshly prepared, local dishes and enjoy some traditional Irish drinks in one of our atmospheric bars..

Denvir’s Coaching Inn is the perfect stay for a country home away from home. For more information or to book your break at Denvir’s, get in touch with a member of our friendly experienced team who are happy to help with all enquiries.